Love God supremely
Love people sacrificially
Disciple others to do the same

Honoring Jesus

Honoring people who are important to us is a way of life. We do it for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other milestone events. We make plans for what to do, get gifts and find meaningful ways to express our care for them. If we’re believers in Jesus, we should consider how we honor him. Join our study in John 12:1-8, where Mary anoints Jesus’ feet at Bethany. It gives us insights about honoring Jesus not just for a moment, but for our entire life.


Jesus Fulfilling the Father’s Plan

Some of the best stories are ones with major plot twists. That’s when things are moving along, then something goes wrong, but in a twist, we find out that things are going just the way they were planned to go. We see this over and over as we read the gospels. When people rejected Jesus and planned to kill him, it was actually all part of the Father’s plan. Join our study in John 11:45-57 as we learn about Jesus fulfilling the Father’s plan.


Jesus Raises the Dead, part 2

We’ve all faced the pain of losing someone close to us because of death. As difficult as that is, the reality is that we’re all going to have to face death ourselves. Thankfully, death doesn’t have to be our end, though, because Jesus raises the dead. Join our study in John 11:17-44 as we learn more about why and how Jesus raises the dead.


Jesus’ Resurrection

When monumental events happen, everyone has an opinion about it and we pay attention to expert commentators and eyewitnesses that can tell us about it. But what’s most valuable is hearing the perspective of the person who made the event happen. That’s what we’re going to see this Easter Sunday, as we learn about Jesus’ resurrection from Jesus’ own perspective in Matthew 16:21-27. Join us as we learn what he has to say about his resurrection and the difference it makes.


Jesus Raises the Dead

All of our lives have been touched by the death of someone we have loved. Death is a cruel robber of life and relationships. But as bad as death is, it doesn’t have to be the end. That’s because Jesus raises the dead. Join us as we learn about how Jesus raises the dead and the difference it can make in our lives in John 11:1-16.



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May 11, 2024 at 8:00am

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