What We Believe

Foundational Statements and Statement of Belief

Our Foundational Statements

Everything Starts with Jesus

Romans 12:1; I Corinthians 10:31

We love God and want to grow closer to Him. Our sincere desire is to know Jesus and make him known. We understand worship isn’t something to do one day a week, but how to live life 24/7. We strive to cultivate a life of prayer and biblical insight, knowing these are the primary means by which we understand God fully, serve Him more effectively, and love others unconditionally.

Everyone is Important

We Serve Everyday

Acts 1:8; Matthew 5:13-16; I Thessalonians 2:7-8

Faith is what you believe but it’s also what you do. We search for ways to serve those around us at church, in our homes, at work, and in our community. We believe in missional living and making the most of the gifts God has given us. We understand that people may be skeptical of Christians because of past personal experiences. We aspire to change that. We will participate in a variety of local, state, national and international missions to meet tangible needs but more importantly, to help others understand how much we love them and how life-changing and powerful a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can truly be. We know because it happened to us.

Everyone Has a Purpose

Everybody Needs Somebody

I Peter 2:2; Matthew 28:19

We recognize God created us to be in relationships – i.e. a family. We want to encourage one another and be accountable for how we live our lives. We seek to understand how faith can be practically applied to every aspect of life. We invest time to understand what the Bible means to us personally. We enjoy spending time with other Christ-followers of various backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and cultures. God’s global family is diverse and we like it that way.

Cornerstone Community Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention www.sbtexas.com. For our Statement of Belief, click here.